Over Under Shotgun Boxlock


13.663,04 €

AYA’s industry-leading technology and the extensive experience of its master gunsmiths

In the realm of fine traditional shotguns, the AYA ‘LEGENG DE LUXE’ represents a huge leap forward in technical and aesthetic innovation. Remaining true to their heritage of craftsmanship, AYA designed the ‘LEGENG DE LUXE’ giving it a look of elegance and sophistication akin to the finest of English gunmaking, but in this case adding a detail of technical innovation which sets it apart from other guns of its type – the CURVED LOCKPLATE.

Standard features

Forged steel action with double locking mechanism
Gas vents valves
Gold lined cocking indicators
Double triggers with hinged front trigger
Locking screws fitted throughout internally optional SST or SNST
Chopper lump forged steel barrels w/concave rib standard barrels lenght 28″ w/other lenghts available
English engraving style
Automatic safety
Straight hand,finely checkered oil finished walnut stock
Special grade wood
Oval for initials
Available in case hardened, old silver or white
12 – 16 – 20- 28 & 410

AYA Fine Guns

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