AYA is much more than Shotguns & Rifles. We offer everything you need to great your Shooting & Hunting experiences.

VISIT AYA FINE GUNS in Eibar. Our company is still working to ensure that the whole of the Basque gun making industry can flourish in the future. AYA has taken on the mantel again as the leader in gun making in Eibar.

SHOOTING RANGE, in a natural basque country environment. The best situation to carry out the performance tests of our shotguns and rifles, is to shoot at the shooting range championship installations 10 Km far from our company in Eibar.

Wine pairing experience in a winery, origin and history of the ancient drink.

Basque culinary experience, wrapped in the attributes of Mediterranean culture and flavors.

Spanish-style bullfighting, wich is seen to be both a sport and performance art.

Enjoy SOCCER in a Spanish league match. Currently the most popular sport in the world, more than half of the world population, 4 billion people, is a follower of this game.

SAN SEBASTIAN, BILBAO & VITORIA-GASTEIZ. Know more about the golds of our millenary history.

AYA Fine Guns

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