Side by side Sidelock


33.758,60 €

Deep relief engraving, bold scrolls and floral motifs on a graceful round bar sidelock

The AYA Suprema model is one of the latest additions to our luxury shotgun catalogue. As other AYA models, the Suprema represents the best of fine gunmaking tradition: a shotgun made for lovers of the exquisiteness and excellence in the smallest details.

Standard features

Side by Side hammerless sidelock shotgun
Forged steel action with double locking mechanism and gas vents
Hardened steel intercepting safety sears
Gold washed internal lock parts
Gold lined cocking indicators
Double trigger with hinged front trigger
Optional selective or non-selective single trigger
Chopper lump chrome nickel steel barrels
Concave Rib
Straight hand, finely chequered oil finished highly figured walnut stock
Wood grade special
Deep Relief scroll and floral engraving
Gold Initial Oval
Automatic Safety
Old silver finish action
12-16-20-28 & .410 bore
28″ barrels, with other barrels lengths to order

AYA Fine Guns

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