AYA XXV/SL – 137-08

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AYA XXV/SL – 137-08

One of the most famous English guns of the early 20th century was the E.J Churchill XXV – a 25-inch barreled gun developed by the English shooting instructor, Robert Churchill. Churchill combined his short barrels with a special high, tapered rib which gives the shooter an optical impression of length. The XXV was especially popular with shooters of smaller stature, and retains a following to this day. 

For many years, AYA has offered guns in this configuration, in both a high-quality sidelock and a less expensive boxlock model

Product Description

  • Gauge 12
  • Chambers 2 3/4″
  • Barrels 25″
  • Chokes 1/2 & Full
  • Rib Churchill
  • Action finish Colour hardened
  • Stock Grade 2
  • Stock Type English
  • Forend Splinter

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