– AYA Augusta

The Augusta is a “super” quality Model Nº 37, and almost identical mechanically, except that it has dispensed with the cross-bolt fastening, relying instead on double underlugs. This allows the upper part of the action to be much more streamlined, with elegant curves where the barrels join the face. It is engraved with deep relief engraving as standard, with other patterns to order.

Product Description

  • Over-and-under sidelock shotgun.
  • Double underlocking lugs.
  • Chopper lump chrome nickel steel barrels.
  • Hardened steel intercepting safety sears.
  • Gold line cocking indicators.
  • Gold washed internal lock parts.
  • Hand detachable locks with concealed pin.
  • Double trigger with hinged front trigger
  • Optional selective or non-selective trigger.
  • Bold relief scroll engraving.
  • 28″ with other barrel lengths to order.
  • 12 bore only.
  • Wood special grade.
  • Available with colour hardened or old silver finish.
  • Approximate weight in 12 bore 7 3/4 lbs.

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